Prior to Far West Film, Producer/Director Quinn Kanaly co-produced Supercoasters, a 2-hour special for National Geographic on the science of roller coasters. She wrote and co-directed several history and natural history documentaries for Discovery Channel and Travel Channel, such as Revolution on Wheels, a global history of motorcycles.  Kanaly also directed and wrote Sharks under Glass for Discovery’s hit series, 'Shark Week'

Kanaly produced the San Francisco episode of Lonely Planet’s acclaimed international travel series, Six Degrees, which broadcast internationally on Discovery. Her documentary career began in San Francisco, where she helped produce and distribute short-format documentaries for environmental organizations, like The Sierra Club. 

Producer/Director Noel Dockstader began his documentary career in the UK, where he worked for leading independent production companies October Films and Diverse Productions. His UK credits include Show Runner/Director of several Discovery Channel series: Warrior Women, a popular history series hosted by Lucy Lawless of Xena, Warrior Princess fame, Hero Factor, exploring the science of sudden acts of heroism, and Trailblazers, a 13-part series following the adventures of scientists and journalists in some of the most dangerous regions of the globe. 

Previous work for National Geographic Television include Taboo, Supercoasters,  Bigfoot, and Monsters of the Deep. He was also a Senior Producer/Show Runner for 26 episodes of Out There, National Geographic Channel’s flagship adventure science series.

Creative partners for over a decade, filmmakers Noel Dockstader and Quinn Kanaly tell thought-provoking, impactful documentary stories about social issues, history, science, exploration and the environment. 

In their latest collaboration, newly released theatrical documentary POINT OF NO RETURN, the Co-Directors go to extraordinary lengths to capture the drama of Solar Impulse's audacious attempt to fly around the world without a drop of fuel. Several years in the making, they knew from the beginning this story had the potential to be one of the most important pioneering adventures of our time - and were compelled to capture it. Over 10 months, the Co-Directors found themselves on opposite sides of the world, tracking the unfolding drama both on the tarmac and at mission control - connected only by their cell phones and a collaborative vision to bring this real life drama to the big-screen.

Prior to POINT OF NO RETURN, Dockstader and Kanaly’s collaborative works at Far West Film have been broadcast in the US and internationally on National Geographic, Discovery, Smithsonian, and PBS. Previous films include Extreme Ice for PBS/NOVA, following photographer James Balog as he documents the effects of melting ice sheets and glaciers around the world, and Collapse, a two-hour special for National Geographic based on the book by Pulitzer Prize-winning author, Jared Diamond. Other documentaries for National Geographic’s award-winning “Explorer” Series include How to Build an Ancient Man, Search for the Head of John the Baptist, Death of the Iceman, Mammoth Mystery, Search for Amelia Earhart, and Peru: Mass Grave Mystery.